"Like Butta" Massage Oil Candles
  • "Like Butta" Massage Oil Candles

    Who doesn't want to feel like butta?

    Now with our Massage Oil Candles, you can experience the cascading of warm oils over your skin.

    Made with skin safe products:


    Shea Butter

    Cocoa Butter

    Avocado Oil

    (Skin safe) Fragrance Oil


    Light candle and let a full pool of wax develop around wick before using. Make sure there is enough melted wax for the area you wish to massage. Once the wax has melted, BLOW OUT FIRE then pour into your palm and let the silky smooth massage begin.


    This product is for external use ONLY. Please keep away from children and pets. This candle should burn for nolonger than two hours and should NEVER be left unattended.